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What rewards can I earn with Truly Financial?

Truly Financial gives you cash back rewards on all your Visa card spends. This means whether you spend on the card or any of your team members, the cash back […]

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How do I redeem my Truly Savvy Reward Points for cashback?

When you receive your monthly statement detailing your Truly Savvy Points balance, you can submit a request to redeem all or some of your points. For cashback, you get $1 […]

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Do you offer signup rewards?

If you signed up for Truly Financial before June 24, 2021, you may be eligible for a signup bonus, which would have been communicated to you via e-mail. We periodically […]

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How can I use my signup bonus?

If you received a signup bonus you will see the bonus amount in your Truly Financial checking account. You can use the bonus in any way you wish – e.g. […]

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Can I earn additional referral rewards?

Yes! We will communicate with you via email and through our website as additional referral reward opportunities become available.

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How will the signup and referral bonus be credited to my account?

Every week, you can receive up to $10 in cashback on purchases made with your Truly Financial corporate Visa card, until your entire bonus has been claimed. Example: Spend $80 […]

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Do you offer referral rewards?

Referral rewards may be offered from time to time when we are running specific promotions. If you received a referral reward, this would have been communicated to you via email. […]

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