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What rewards can I earn with Truly Financial?

Truly Financial gives you cash back rewards on all your Visa card spends. This means whether you spend on the card or any of your team members, the cash back rewards come back to your business.

You can earn up to 2.5% cash back on all your online and in-store purchases, subscriptions, travel expenses, etc. and wherever you spend or purchase on the corporate Visa card.

Each time you make a purchase on your Truly Financial corporate Visa card, you earn a minimum of 1 Truly Savvy point per dollar. Based on the type of expense, your purchases could earn you accelerated Savvy points as well.

When you pay for a restaurant bill, you earn 20x more Savvy Points or 20 points per dollar instead of the standard 1 point per dollar. For a detailed list of categories and Savvy Points, refer to the Rewards page.

Every month, you will receive an email statement that details all of your payments and the Savvy Points earned against each. You can continue to accrue your points or redeem them for cashback into your Truly Financial checking account at any time.