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How do I participate in the Partner Program?

Once you contact us, we will set up a series of meetings to explain our solution and see if it aligns with your business goals. If these goals do align, […]

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Is there a cost to become a partner?

No. The program is free to join. When you do join, we have a team of dedicated Partner Managers to help you get set-up, launched, and they support you every […]

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How much money will I make as a partner? Under which plan will I make the most?

How much money you make depends completely on how much you sell. We can discuss the plans with you in detail, as well as help you do an analysis to […]

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Is there a cost to my customers/referrals?

No. Anyone can open a Truly Financial account, just like any other banking institution. There are tiered levels of accounts, some of which include monthly fees for additional services, but […]

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Am I restricted to a certain sales territory?

No. We utilize a partner management platform that registers a deal on your behalf, whenever a customer uses your unique link. This eliminates the need to assign territories.

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What kind of support will I be getting from Truly Financial during the sales process?

Truly Financial will be with you during the entire sales process. We have a password-protected section of our website dedicated to our partners with case studies, white papers, brochures, logos, […]

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How much time or commitment is required to participate in the Partner Program?

That’s totally up to you. Every referral is an introduction to a better banking experience for your customers. It’s as simple as clicking the share button – we do most […]

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How does Truly Financial manage leads and prospects with other partners’ sales efforts?

We use a partner relationship management tool, which gives each Partner an end-to-end solution. Once you register as a partner, we’ll contact you to conduct an onboarding session to help […]

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Will I be competing against Truly Financial direct salespeople and/or other partners?

No. Truly Financial Partner Managers want to help you be successful. Any deals you win in their portfolio count towards their sales quota.

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What happens if after a period of time there’s no sale, but we’re continuing to talk to clients about signing up?

As long as you are actively pursuing the business and communicating your progress through the partner portal, we’ll protect your deal registration. If a lead doesn’t follow through on a […]

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Can Truly Financial provide co-branded material to support our sales outreach?

Yes, Truly Financial can provide co-branded material, depending on your needs and level of partnership. We just need to know at least three full weeks in advance of an event. […]

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When will I be paid after a referral/sale goes through?

Partners’ commissions are paid 45 days after the customer pays Truly Financial.

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