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With Truly Financial, you get preferential status from day one.

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You Get:
  • No Monthly Fees or Minimum Deposits
  • Free Checking Account
  • Corporate Visa Cards
  • Receive by ACH, Credit Card & Wire
  • Rewards & Perks
In the U.S. or Canada? Coming Soon:
  • Receive in 33 Currencies
  • Send Payments Worldwide
  • Hold & Convert Between Currencies
  • And more…
Did you know?
The average business check costs $10 to send.
Old-school banking collects wire fees from you AND the receiving party.
Small business owners spend an average of 18-25 hrs a week on banking.

Pricing Plans

Our pricing is designed to preserve your profits. No complex plans to decode, and you’ll never get hit by fees you don’t see upfront.

Preferred Plan
Smart Saver Plan
U.S. Checking Account Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Truly Financial Visa Card Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Convert Between Currencies Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Pay Other Truly Financial Users Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Receive from Stripe, Amazon etc. Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Receive ACH payments in the U.S. Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Multi-Currency Account (32 Currencies)* Preferred Plan Check Smart Saver Plan Check
Account Opening Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Minimum Deposit Preferred Plan $0 Smart Saver Plan $0
Monthly Fees* Preferred Plan None Smart Saver Plan $25

First 3 Months FREE

ATM Withdrawals Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Payments within U.S.
Receive in USD from Stripe, Amazon, etc. Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Receive ACH Deposits Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Hold and Convert Between Currencies** Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Pay via ACH to suppliers and employees** Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Domestic Wire Transfer** Preferred Plan $5

3 FREE/mo

Smart Saver Plan FREE
Receive Domestic Wire Transfers Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
International Payments
Receive in Euro/GBP from Stripe, Amazon, etc.** Preferred Plan $1

10 FREE/mo

Smart Saver Plan FREE
Pay Anyone in Their Local Currency (50 Countries)** Preferred Plan $5

3 FREE/mo

Smart Saver Plan FREE
Receive Wire Transfers (32 Currencies)** Preferred Plan FREE Smart Saver Plan FREE
Send Wire Transfers*** Preferred Plan $10

3 FREE/mo

Smart Saver Plan FREE

*Change plans anytime – no penalties.

**Available to U.S. and Canadian customers only.

***Recipient may be charged a processing fee by their bank.

[Prices are subject to change.]

Preferred Plan   Smart Saver Plan  
  Preferred PlanGet Preferred Smart Saver PlanGet Smart Saver

Truly Savvy Points

1000 points = $1  Easy to Earn.  No Mental Gymnastics Required.

Earn at Home or Abroad:
  • 25x Points on Foreign Currency Transactions
  • 20x Points on Dining & Restaurants
  • 15x Points on Travel & Accommodation
Rewards for Running Your Business:
  • 10x Points on Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • 5x Points on Google Apps/Cloud, Azure, AWS
  • 1x Points on All Other Transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a Truly Financial corporate Visa card benefit teams?

Uniquely designed for small businesses, the Truly Financial’s corporate Visa card helps teams collaborate efficiently anywhere in the world, regardless of where they live. The Truly Financial Visa makes it easy for you to remove obstacles when your team needs to be empowered.

  • Issue unlimited Visa cards for your team members.
  • Issue cards to team members living in any country.
  • Set and control spending limits for each card.
  • Teams can use cards in their own local currency – no more rejected payments!
  • Eliminate back-and-forth expense claims and cumbersome reimbursements.


  • Employee in Europe paying $7000 for a conference sponsorship.
  • Team member in Philippines paying for a $200 SaaS subscription.
  • Team member in India buying a laptop for $2500.
  • Team member in the U.S. paying digital agency invoice.
  • Team member in Canada paying for Facebook ads.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to issue Visa cards for your team.

What is Truly Financial?

Truly Financial is the first real alternative to old-school business banking. We are the first and only service to combine the convenience of receiving and paying seamlessly with a checking account, a multi-currency account, expense management functionality and more. Now you can get lower fees and more perks, faster payments and better connections, greater respect and global reach. Experience what it feels like to take fat-cat banking out of your small business finances.

Who is Truly Financial for?

Are you a smaller business? Then you’re just our type! Truly Financial is audaciously for the little guy. We’re built to give you the preferential treatment you deserve … from day one. Whether you sell online or on Main Street (or even on Zoom!), we give you access to banking services that have traditionally been available only to larger enterprises.

How do I get started?

Truly Financial is slated to launch in July 2021. Join the Waitlist to reserve your spot for early access.

What services do you offer?

Truly Financial makes it easy for your business to receive payments, send payments, streamline expenses, and pay team members. You get a free checking account and corporate Visa cards to help manage your business spending.

What currencies can I receive in my Truly Financial account?

Your Truly Financial account allows you to get paid (and hold funds!) in the following 33 currencies.


Use your balances to make payments or convert between currencies whenever YOU need to.

Where is Truly Financial available?

Truly Financial is available to companies in the United States. Businesses that are based in any of the following countries, and send or receive payments to/from US-based companies can also sign-up.

27 Eurozone Countries

  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnam

Note: Availability of certain services or features may vary by country.

When will Truly Financial be available?

Truly Financial is currently available to our first group of customers and we continue to roll it out to more customers every week. Sign up for our waitlist and we’ll invite you to open your account as we work through the current waitlist.