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Checking Accounts

Can I do everything online or do I need to go to a branch?

Truly Financial is a fully online digital service. We do not operate physical branches, and we’ve designed everything we offer to be accessible via your Truly Financial online login. Many […]

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What type of accounts does Truly Financial offer?

Truly Financial offers banking services to U.S. and Canadian businesses through its licensed partner banks. Business entities that we serve get U.S. domiciled checking accounts, and checking accounts in Canada, […]

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What is the difference between Checking Account and Multi-Currency Account?

Checking accounts at Truly Financial are bank accounts that can send and receive payments in the local currency where they are located. This includes: U.S. Checking accounts that can send/receive […]

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Are there any restrictions on countries where I cannot send or receive payments from?

With Truly Financial, you can send payment in local currency to 50+ countries. The advantage of paying your supplier / contractor in their currency is that they do not have […]

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Are there any nationality or country restrictions for opening a new account?

Truly Financial has restrictions on the countries that it will service, at both the client level and at the payer level. If the account user or any of the business […]

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What is FDIC insured account and how can I get that?

Truly Financial offers FDIC insured accounts that are provided by Cross River Bank (CRB). These accounts are insured up to USD 250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Opening of […]

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Do I need to worry about tax regulations for my overseas accounts?

Truly Financial offers overseas accounts in the U.K. designated in EURO and GBP to both U.S. and Canadian companies. In addition, we also offer U.S. based bank accounts to Canadian […]

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Can I transfer funds between my Canadian USD account and Truly?

Truly Financial can transfer funds to and from your Canadian CAD accounts using EFT or electronic funds transfer (to send money to your CAD external account) and pre-authorized debit or […]

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Why is my Truly Financial account suspended/closed?

Every financial service company is required to understand the nature of their customers’ businesses. This means we should fully understand your business profile and if your payments align with your […]

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