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Does Truly Financial integrate with Wise or other international payment services?

Truly Financial is a complete banking service that provides customers with banking, Visa-powered expense cards, and payments. When a Truly Financial customer needs to send a payment to a supplier […]

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How do you help my company save money?

Transparent pricing and low fees is the hallmark of Truly Financial. We believe in giving SMBs the opportunity to grow without worrying about the high cost and inefficiency of large […]

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What is the pricing for Truly Financial? Is it free?

Truly Financial offers two plans: Standard Plan and Preferred Plan. The Standard plan is and will remain free of monthly charges and a certain number of payments for free. The […]

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No fees sounds unbelievable. How do you make money?

Truly Financial believes in making our banking and payment services a no-brainer for business owners and hence does not charge a fee for most transactions*. We earn revenue whenever our […]

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Can I close my account at any time without notice?

Of course! While we would hate to see you go, we completely understand if Truly Financial is not the right account for you. Just let our customer service team know […]

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