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Send & Receive Payments

Can I do everything online or do I need to go to a branch?

Truly Financial is a fully online digital service. We do not operate physical branches, and we’ve designed everything we offer to be accessible via your Truly Financial online login. Many […]

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What kind of payments can I make with Truly Financial?

You can use your Truly Financial USD checking account and the CAD / EUR / GBP checking accounts, just like you would your traditional bank. You can also hold funds […]

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What currencies can I receive in my Truly Financial account?

Your Truly Financial account allows you to get paid (and hold funds!) in 32 currencies. This includes the ability to get paid in locally domiciled bank accounts in the United […]

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How can I receive payments faster from my customers internationally?

It’s pretty easy to receive and send faster payments with Truly Financial. A little understanding of how different payment methods work under different scenarios can ensure you are getting paid […]

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How long does it take for a recipient to receive a payment?

Truly Financial has three types of payment options and payment receipt times depend on where it is being sent and what payment option was used. Express Payments are usually delivered […]

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Can I schedule or repeat payments for future?

Absolutely! Truly Financial offers the convenience of sending payments on a future date. When you set up a recurring payment on Truly Financial, you are able to pay your vendor/supplier/contractor […]

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What are the fees charged in case of insufficient funds for a recurring payment?

If your checking account does not have sufficient funds on the date the recurring payment is due to be processed, the payment is put on hold. Truly will automatically retry […]

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Are there any restrictions on countries where I cannot send or receive payments from?

With Truly Financial, you can send payment in local currency to 50+ countries. The advantage of paying your supplier / contractor in their currency is that they do not have […]

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Will Truly Financial stop any of my transfers?

Truly Financial services payments only to those countries that are not on sanctions lists and are not restricted under FATF regulations. In addition to these countries, we may restrict payments […]

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Does my supplier or contractor need to have a Truly Financial account to receive payments?

Sending payments through Truly Financial is as simple as providing the account number and routing information of the party you need to pay. This could be a supplier in the […]

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Is there a limit on how much can I receive or pay from my Truly Financial account?

At Truly Financial we recognize that some businesses need larger limits for sending and receiving payments. We are required to comply with regulations that ensure the safety and security of […]

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Are there any nationality or country restrictions for opening a new account?

Truly Financial has restrictions on the countries that it will service, at both the client level and at the payer level. If the account user or any of the business […]

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Can I transfer funds between my Canadian USD account and Truly?

Truly Financial can transfer funds to and from your Canadian CAD accounts using EFT or electronic funds transfer (to send money to your CAD external account) and pre-authorized debit or […]

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