Pay your team anywhere in the world quickly with Truly Financial

Pay Your Team

Pay your employees and contractors in the U.S. or abroad. In your currency or theirs.

Pay Your U.S. Team

  • Stop planning for employee payments up to a week in advance. Initiate transfers just in time.
  • Employees can choose where to receive their payments, so you’re set up to click and pay.

Pay Employees in Any Country

  • All Truly Express Network countries: Team members can receive in local currency without extra bank charges.
  • All other countries: Team members can receive by wire transfer.

Your Team Gets Paid Fast

  • US employees get same-day ACH payments.
  • Send via Express Network – employees get paid within ONE business day.
  • Pay directly to your employees’ bank accounts.

*Processing times may vary depending on the receiving bank.

When I first heard about Truly Financial and how they're going to streamline the financial side of my business, I had to sign up for an account right away. No way am I going to miss this!
Dawn Brolin
CEO, Powerful Accounting LLC
I think Truly Financial is the future of banking. They’re taking all the complicated parts out of small business’ finances, and doing it with gusto!
Alexandra Kapelos Peterson
Alexandra Kapelos-Peters
Founder, Cansulta

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Truly Financial?

Truly Financial is the first real alternative to old-school business banking. We are the first and only service to combine the convenience of receiving and paying seamlessly with a checking account, a multi-currency account, expense management functionality and more. Now you can get lower fees and more perks, faster payments and better connections, greater respect and global reach. Experience what it feels like to take fat-cat banking out of your small business finances.

Who is Truly Financial for?

Are you a smaller business? Then you’re just our type! Truly Financial is audaciously for the little guy. We’re built to give you the preferential treatment you deserve … from day one. Whether you sell online or on Main Street (or even on Zoom!), we give you access to banking services that have traditionally been available only to larger enterprises.

What services do you offer?

Truly Financial makes it easy for your business to receive payments, send payments, streamline expenses, and pay team members. You get a free checking account and corporate Visa cards to help manage your business spending.

What information and documents do I need to provide to open an account with Truly Financial?

Opening an account with Truly Financial is quite simple. Having the following on hand can help you complete the account application process in under seven minutes:

  1. Registered business name
    • if incorporated, this is your company name
    • if operating as a sole proprietor, this is your registered business name
    • if operating as a freelancer, this is your own name or a registered business name if you have one
  2. Trade name or Doing Business As (DBA) (if different from the registered business name)
  3. Company incorporation number – IRS (US)  or CRA (Canada) number
  4. EIN (US corporations only) number, if applicable
  5. Registered Business Address – address of incorporation
  6. Communication Address (if different from registered business address)
  7. Ownership details that include all owners/stakeholders having >= 25% ownership
  8. SSN number – for all US persons who are a large stakeholder or controlling party.
  9. In addition to the above you will need to provide:
    • Purpose of Account – confirm if the account is intended for operations, payment invoices/suppliers, repatriation of overseas earnings etc.
    • Source of Funds – select from the available choices
    • Industry category your company belongs to
    • Nature of Business (a brief description of the business you are engaging in)
  10. Verify Identity – Online ID verification is required for each Director holding 25%. or more and every Controlling party (e.g., CFO). This is done via email/sms sent to each individual.
  11. We may ask for the following information if we determine that
    • Company Financials or Bank Statement (only if requested by us after we receive your application)
    • Company Certificate of Incorporation and/or Articles of Incorporation (only if requested by us where we are not able to verify the Company information on our own).
Why do you need to verify my ID?

We need to verify your ID to ensure that there is a real person behind each account we open, and to prove that they are who they claim to be. This prevents someone from operating on your behalf without authorization or impersonating you to commit fraud.

At Truly Financial, we incorporate biometric technology to determine, in real-time, the person opening an account. We also use advanced document verification technology, so you don’t have to physically visit a branch or provide paper documentation.

I applied and my account has been approved! What’s next?

Congrats and welcome! We’re so excited to have you onboard and can’t wait for you to start empowering your business with Truly Financial.

If you are the *Admin user, you can now start adding team members. Login to your account and go to the “Team Member” tab. Select ‘Add a Team Member’ and follow the prompts on your screen.

*The main user on your account will be designated as an Admin. This Admin will be able to assign Visa cards to pay for company expenses, view checking accounts, and pay suppliers via ACH/wire transfer. The Admin can also invite employees from your company and assign Visa cards to them or invite the company accountant to have access to transactions for accounting purposes.

How does a Truly Financial corporate Visa card benefit teams?

Uniquely designed for small businesses, the Truly Financial’s corporate Visa card helps teams collaborate efficiently anywhere in the world, regardless of where they live. The Truly Financial Visa makes it easy for you to remove obstacles when your team needs to be empowered.

  • Issue unlimited Visa cards for your team members.
  • Issue cards to team members living in any country.
  • Set and control spending limits for each card.
  • Teams can use cards in their own local currency – no more rejected payments!
  • Eliminate back-and-forth expense claims and cumbersome reimbursements.


  • Employee in Europe paying $7000 for a conference sponsorship.
  • Team member in Philippines paying for a $200 SaaS subscription.
  • Team member in India buying a laptop for $2500.
  • Team member in the U.S. paying digital agency invoice.
  • Team member in Canada paying for Facebook ads.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to issue Visa cards for your team.

What currencies can I receive in my Truly Financial account?

Your Truly Financial account allows you to get paid (and hold funds!) in the following 33 currencies.


Use your balances to make payments or convert between currencies whenever YOU need to.

Where is Truly Financial available?

Truly Financial is currently available to customers in the United States and Canada.

Truly Financial is being built as a global bank for businesses and would gradually be made available to customers in other countries including South America, Europe, and Asia. Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated as we launch into new geographies.

Note: The availability of certain services or features may vary by country. Truly Financial is a business banking service and requires that you apply for an account as an incorporated or registered business only.