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Your customers are global by default. Most banking and fintechs are not.

Partner with Truly Financial and extend our global banking and cross-border payments stack to your customers – with none of the onerous certification, licensing and compliance obligations.

New Age Cross Border Banking and Settlements

Fintechs and Marketplaces

U.S. and Canadian bank accounts for your customers

  • Seamlessly integrate cross-border payments experience into your own product
  • Fully embeddable account opening and transaction processing
  • Automatically open business checking accounts
  • Automate deposit and payment processing for your customers
  • Track deposits from Stripe and Amazon, ACH, Wire Transfer
  • Automate payment from bank accounts to anyone worldwide
  • USD, CAD and 32 other currencies supported for global businesses
  • Control the pricing offered to customers

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69% of SMBs would switch banks for lower fees and more rewards.

Small Biz Trends

For Banks and Financial Institutions

Frictionless global correspondent banking

  • New-age global settlements for ambitious regional banks
  • Payments in major and exotic currencies
  • Send SWIFT wire transfers
  • Settle using local real-time rails
  • Open export collection accounts in US, Canada, UK, EU
  • Pre-negotiated Fx margins
  • Globally compliant
  • Slash correspondent banking cost
  • Open up new avenues for business growth
Struggling to scale global payments with traditional partners?