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How do you help my company save money?

Transparent pricing and low fees is the hallmark of Truly Financial. We believe in giving SMBs the opportunity to grow without worrying about the high cost and inefficiency of large banks that are known to charge fat fees without a commensurate level of service.

Account Fees: Our Standard Plan gives you a certain number of payments free each month, thus saving you account maintenance fees.

Transaction Fees: The Standard Plan and Preferred Plan both have free payments built-in, so you never pay over the top for sending payments, sending wire transfers, or receiving wire transfers.

No-fee Visa card: You can issue Visa cards to yourself and your team members. What’s more, you have access to unlimited Visa cards for each team member and do not ever pay a fee for using the card.

Cash Back Rewards: Payments done by you and your team with the Truly Financial corporate Visa card earn Truly Savvy reward points, which get converted to cash back deposited into your Checking account.