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How does the corporate visa card benefit team members?

Uniquely designed for small businesses, the Truly Financial corporate Visa card helps teams collaborate efficiently. The Truly Financial Visa makes it easy for you to remove obstacles when your team needs to be empowered.

  • Issue unlimited Visa cards for your team members.
  • Issue cards to team members overseas*.
  • Set and control spending limits for each card.
  • Expense in local currency when using it outside the United States
  • Eliminate back-and-forth expense claims and cumbersome reimbursements.


  • An Employee in Europe paying EUR 7000 for a conference sponsorship.
  • Team member in Philippines paying for a $200 SaaS subscription.
  • Team member in India buying a laptop for $2500.
  • Team member in the U.S. paying digital agency invoice.
  • Team member in Canada paying for Facebook ads.

*Visa cards for overseas team members are issued for supported countries only and are subject to approval.