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I applied and my account has been approved! What’s next?

Congrats and welcome! We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait for you to start empowering your business with Truly Financial!

If you are the Admin user you can now…

  1. Use your Checking account to:
    – Deposit funds by sending ACH/Wire from your other bank accounts
    – Send the account details to your customers who need to pay you
    – Link your checking account with Stripe, Paypal, etc or any payment processor that receives online payments for your business
  2. Send payments to your suppliers or contractors in the United States using ACH / Fedwire, send international Express Payments that are deposited directly to their account, or by international SWIFT wire transfer.
  3. Add team members for SmartSpend accounts
    – Invite Team Members for corporate spending accounts
    – Assign Visa cards to them to pay for company expenses
    – Set up spending controls and lock/unlock cards at any time
  4. Invite your Accountant
    – Invite your accountant as an Accountant Admin or Accountant Viewer to manage your banking and payments
  5. Cash back
    – Spend on your Visa card and earn Truly Savvy points on all spends by you and your team members
    – Claim your points as cashback rewards that are credited back as money directly into your Checking account