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How do you secure access to my Truly Financial account?

Every customer and user of Truly Financial (which includes your Team Members and Accountant to whom you may have given access), is required to:

  • Login with their email address as the login id
  • Set a secure password which is a combination of characters, numbers, special characters, etc.
  • Set up a 2Factor Authentication (2FA) that meets industry standards for login security. The 2FA security in Truly Financial would prompt you for a one-time code that is sent on text/SMS to your mobile phone, or an authentication code generated by tools like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.

While setting up your account you can choose whether you’d like to receive the one-time login codes on SMS or an authenticator app. Note that certain mobile phones are not able to receive SMS while roaming, and authenticator apps are also more secure and are recommended for authentication.

In the event that you forgot your password, Truly Financial provides a secure method for you to generate a new temporary password and set up a new login password.

In addition to the strong login security, we never store your password in plain text. Passwords are stored with secure one-way encryption and can never be decrypted. Access to Truly Financial is controlled via the secure HTTPS protocol which ensures that communication between your device and our servers is encrypted at all times.