Emergency Credit Line for SVB Customers

Support for SVB Customers

Here’s how we are helping you navigate this unprecedented crisis…

  • Offering an emergency line of credit – details below.
  • US corporation with management team overseas? Contact us for pro bono advice.
  • Learn more about the FDIC process and other challenges. Webinar coming soon.

Get a new bank account in <24 hrs to keep your business running smoothly. Apply below.

Emergency Funds

Get a 30-60 day emergency line of credit to meet payroll, supplier payments and other cash flow requirements.

Line of Credit upto 60 days

SVB customers can apply to ease their immediate cash needs.

The line of credit is facilitated by Truly Financial in arrangement with our partners and is subject to discretion. Provide us some basic information to get started.

Apply Now

You can shoot any urgent questions to [email protected]. We are monitoring all requests 24×7 for as long as needed.

Questions about held-up funds?

Attend our upcoming webinar to learn more.

Webinar – by invite only

During our webinar, experts will talk about the FDIC insurance process and what you should expect, including:

  • How should you prepare to deal with FDIC matters
  • Implications for companies with venture debt
  • What can you expect with certainty
  • What to look for if you need a new bank account
  • Challenges for overseas / cross-border founders

Supercharge your business with global banking

Truly Financial understands the needs of growing SMBs. When you open a business account with Truly Financial, you always get more than just a vanilla checking account.

  • U.S. Checking account to accept deposits, wire transfers and payouts
  • International local accounts in EUR, GBP and CAD
  • Receive and hold in 32 currencies – convert only when you need to
  • Pay your overseas employees in their local currency and save wire transfer fees twice
  • Save upto 70% when paying in local currencies or converting currencies
  • Avail emergency line of credit and other facilities we offer from time to time