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The Best Way for Canadian Companies to Receive International Payments

BlogBanking • June 16, 2023 • Sandeep Todi

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Get free checking accounts in the U.S., U.K., EU and of course Canada. Receive deposits in 32 currencies. Convert currencies only when you need to.

Many of the world’s finest startup companies are based in Canada. Canadian companies have major clients across the world, including in the US and Europe. Unfortunately for these Canadian companies, figuring out the best way to receive payments from international clients can be a stressful process.

This stress is caused by numerous headache inducing factors such as dealing with bad foreign exchange rates and struggling to communicate with customers and partners in different time zones.

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of it all is the sneaky receiving fees charged on bank wire transfers. These fees mean you never get the full amount that you’re owed.

Thankfully, you can leave these stressful times behind you with Truly Financial global business banking!

How does this work?

Once you open a Truly Financial account, you can request for activating your U.K. and EU accounts. Your U.S. based checking account is already opened along with your Canadian checking account.

When raising an invoice with your clients, provide them with the relevant account number and routing code (U.S.) or Sort code (U.K.) or else IBAN (EU). You get separate bank account numbers for the U.S., U.K., and for Europe. Your customers can make a local ACH transfer in USA, BACS transfer in the U.K., and SEPA transfer in Eurozone to these accounts.

Your Truly Financial global accounts allow you to receive payments in US Dollars, British Pounds or GBP and in Euros. Receiving ACH/EFT/SEPA payments into these accounts is completely free! What's more, customers get notified automatically when funds are credited to or deposited into their account.

You can transfer these funds to your Truly Financial CAD account instantly at any time, make CAD payments or else withdraw funds into another CAD account that your business operates in Canada.

What are the benefits of Truly Financial global accounts?

The first of the many benefits is that receiving payments into your Truly Financial accounts from U.S., U.K. and European customers is completely free.

You can convert foreign currency funds in your Truly Financial account to CAD whenever you wish.

Since the Truly Financial global accounts are located in the respective countries, customers paying from those countries can no longer cite time differences or banking hours limitations to delay your payments. Nor can they hide behind the myriad excuses about difficulties faced in sending wire transfers since all they need to do is a local transfer.

Our platform is a 100% secure, FinCEN (U.S.) and FINTRAC (Canada) registered service that employs state of the art technology to protect your payments and financial information. You can view our payments licensing details here.


For receiving payments, from anywhere in the world, there really is no better way than using Truly Financial global banking.

There’s no unfair fees and no waiting around to access your money. You get exactly what you are owed, when you’re owed it – and you get access to unlimited transfers!

If you’re in need of a banking and payment service you can rely on, contact Truly Financial today.

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