The world needs small business. Your bank doesn’t get that. WE DO.


The world needs small business. Your bank doesn’t get that. WE DO.

February 4, 2021 • Team Truly

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Truly Financial is the first real alternative to old-school business banking.

As a small business owner, there is never enough time or money—period. Yet traditional banking demands both, all the time. Put simply, these banking systems lead you more often to frustration than to the freedom of growing your business.


I just love dealing with high fees, old-school tech, and a top-down attitude.


Have you ever said that? Yeah, neither have we. These outdated, expensive, and bureaucratic systems seem to work fine for giant corporations. But, if you’re a smaller team of 1 or even 25 and growing—you’re essentially powerless.

Just like you, our background is small business, so we get it. We know all about the challenges of managing money day-to-day.

This is why we created Truly Financial.

Truly Financial was built from the ground up for entrepreneurs and their teams to get what they need, when they need it. We make local and international banking accessible so businesses can grow without boundaries. Checking and multi-currency accounts, Visa cards, online credit card payments – all in one account built exclusively for Small Business.

  1. Get paid easily and on time.
  2. Make faster payments to suppliers.
  3. Streamline your expenses.
  4. Pay your team, no matter where they’re located.

We provide small businesses with the financial capabilities that were once available only to larger enterprises, and take the fat-cat banking out of your small business finances.

What’s left behind? Only the good stuff.

  • Lower fees, more perks.
  • Faster payments, better connections.
  • Greater respect, global reach.

Our purpose is big growth for small businesses that have global aspirations, or are currently doing business internationally. We connect you with the world, and our customers can expect preferential status from day one.