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Unlocking Savings: Tax Deductions for Business Owners in the USA

BlogTaxes • March 18, 2024 • Team Truly

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Tax season can be quite the rollercoaster ride for business owners, right? It’s not all doom and gloom – it’s also a golden opportunity to slash those tax bills and keep more of our hard-earned cash where it belongs: in the business. So, buckle up because we are here to guide you through the maze of tax deductions available to small business owners in the United States this tax season. Understanding and leveraging available tax deductions is critical to minimizing tax liabilities and optimizing financial health.

Let’s dive in and explore the treasure trove of deductions waiting for us. From the confines of your home office to the wheels of your business vehicles, we will uncover every possible deduction to help you breeze through tax season confidently.

Here’s the list…

Tax Deduction Details
Home Office Deduct $5 per square foot of dedicated office space, up to 300 square feet.
Includes utilities such as heat, electricity, and Wi-Fi.
Workspace must have clearly defined boundaries and be the regular place of business.
Office Supplies Deduct office supplies such as printer paper, markers, pencils, and essential computer software.
Business Insurance Premiums Deduct premiums for various types of business insurance, including liability, property, health, and workers’ compensation insurance.
Office Rent Deduct monthly rent payments for office space outside of the home.
Relocation Expenses Deduct expenses for business relocation, including transport, packing, and brokerage commissions.
Internet and Phone Bills Deduct the cost of internet and cell phone plans essential to business operations.
Continuing Education Deduct expenses for continuing education courses relevant to business operations.
Marketing and Advertising Deduct expenses for marketing and advertising campaigns, including social media ads and website hosting.
Business Vehicles Deduct expenses related to business vehicles, including gas, maintenance, insurance, and parking fees.
Business Meals Deduct 50% of business-related meal expenses.
Business Travel Deduct expenses for business travel, including airfare, lodging, transportation, and dry cleaning.
Employee Salaries and Benefits Deduct wages, paid time off, benefits, and employee employment taxes.
Business Credit Card and Loan Interest Deduct interest paid on business credit cards and loans.
Independent Contractors Deduct payments made to independent contractors for services rendered.
Business Bank Fees Deduct fees associated with business bank accounts and third-party payment vendors.
Startup Business Expenses Deduct expenses incurred before the official business launch, up to $5,000.
Business Losses Deduct business losses from taxable income. Conditions may apply.
Legal and Professional Fees Deduct fees paid to lawyers, accountants, and other professionals.
Charitable Contributions -Deduct charitable donations made by the business.
Retirement Plan Contributions Deduct contributions to retirement plans, including Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Keogh plan, and Solo 401(k).
Depreciation Deduct depreciation expenses for business assets. Limits apply to the amount you can deduct for qualifying assets.
Health Insurance Premiums Deduct health insurance premiums for self-employed individuals, LLC members, partners, and S corporation shareholders.


Maximizing these deductions requires a bit of legwork. Keep meticulous records, stay organized, and seek professional help if you need it. With strategic planning and a dash of know-how, you’ll cruise through tax season like a pro.

So there you have it—a rundown of all your hard-working business owners’ top tax deductions. Armed with this knowledge, conquer tax season with confidence. After all, every dollar saved is earned in the world of entrepreneurship.


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