What is Truly Financial?

Banking that lets you receive payments via ACH, Wire Transfers, or Credit Cards.
Pay using Corporate Visa card, ACH, and Wire Transfer - all without leaving your desk.
Reclaim the margins you've lost to payment processing fees.
No monthly fee for domestic and international bank accounts.
All this PLUS a banking service that really cares for you!

Built with Trust

Get paid easily with
and more

$50 in your account when approved

One Bank Account to Rule Them All - No Monthly Fees!

Get Paid Easily

With Truly Financial checking account, receive payments via ACH & wire transfer. Also through Stripe, Amazon, & more.

Exclusive: Accept credit card payments and receive+hold in 32 currencies.

Make Fast Payments

Pay suppliers or service providers in the U.S. and internationally. All you need is their email or phone number.

Pay by ACH or Wire Transfer - all included. Leave out juggling with multiple banks.

Streamline Expenses

Empower teams worldwide with Corporate Visa cards. Manage company expenses with in-built spending controls.

Exclusive: Ship Visa cards to employees in any country for free.

Pay Your Team

Paying Employees? Contractors? In the U.S. or abroad, pay them on time, every time.

Cut out wire transfer fees when you pay international teams in their own currency.

Truly Financial Credit Cards
Truly Financial Credit Cards
1Customers can pay you by sending to your Truly Financial $handle (e.g., $john).
2If your partners or suppliers are Truly Financial users, pay directly to their Truly Financial $handle (e.g., $john).
3Team members can choose to get paid in their local currency!

$50 in your account when approved